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Philadelphia Box Lacrosse Association

Philadelphia Box Lacrosse Association Leadership


Steve Innamarato, PBLA President

Steve has been with the Philadelphia Box Lacrosse Association since 1991 and conducted most of the administrative and leadership as Treasurer starting in 1995.  When longtime PBLA President Frank Menschner passed away in 2015, Steve took the helm.  He still plays in the league as a goalie for The Edge. Steve is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the league.

A lifelong Philadelphia resident, he teaches AP Microeconomics at Central High School in Philadelphia and is also the head coach of the school's varsity lacrosse team.


Bob Stewart, PBLA Commissioner

Photo of Bob Stewart

Bob is longtime PBLA player who returned in 2016 to help Steve run the league when Frank Menschner passed away.  Bob's years of experience as a player, high school coach, and team organizer has given him unprecedented respect.   Bob is in charge of rule and league policy interpretations and enforcement.  He works closely with both our team captains and league referees to ensure consistency with all rules.

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About US

Founded in 1986, The Philadelphia Box Lacrosse Association is known as the most organized indoor lacrosse league in the Philadelphia tri-state area. League action is from mid-May to the end of August.

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