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Frequently Asked Questions about the PBLA

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When does your season take place?

Open scrimmages will commence in early May.

The PBLA regular season usually starts the first Wednesday after Memorial Day and runs up to the last week of August. Games and scrimmages will be on Monday and Wednesday nights.

Where does the PBLA play?

All PBLA games are normally played at the Ralph Rizzo Ice Rink located at 1001 S Front St, Philadelphia, PA 19147  in the Penn's Landing Area of Philadelphia. All games are played on a sport court surface in the main rink building. On occasion, we have played at different locations in the tri-state area when needed.

On what days of the week are games played?

Games are played on Monday and Wednesday nights.Two games take place each night.The first game starts at 7:00 PM exactly and the second will start immediately after (usually around 8:15 PM.) All games will start on time! If your team does not have 5 forwards and a goalie by game time, your team automatically forfeits the game. No exceptions! 

How old is the league?

The Philadelphia Box Lacrosse Association (PBLA) was founded in 1986 by Bill Malizia and has been growing every year. Originally consisting of four teams (14 players each) sharing 2 goalies between themselves, the PBLA now boasts of a membership of six teams (25 players each) and about 170+ players. The PBLA could easily double its size if our facility had more open rink time.  We are the oldest and most continously operating box lacrosse league in the United States.

What are the age requirements?

You must be at least 17 years old by the start of the season to play. Also, those under 18 must submit a parental consent form. The PBLA consists of players of ages 17 through 50+ with the average age at 25. 

What are the skill or experience requirements?

  • Individual Players:There are no set requirements for single players but registering does not guarantee you will play in the league.  The majority of the players in our league have NCAA or Club experience, which makes for a very competitive atmosphere. If you are a newbie with absolutely no or little skills, the PBLA is not for you! You may not receive that much playing time and you can get seriously hurt. After all, say you never played football in your life, I doubt you would join a full-contact men’s league consisting of very large and experienced players. The same reasoning applies here.

Here is a breakdown of PBLA player experience:

85% : NCAA, professional, college club, or men's club experience
14% : High School experience.
1%:Players with little formal experience.

Team Requirements:

All players submitted as members of the team core(15 and a goalie) must be experienced and skilled players. All team entries must be approved by the PBLA before participation. Team entries have been rejected in past because they were not able maintain our competitive standard. Since the PBLA is a very competitive league, we request that all team core entries be composed of experienced lacrosse players. The PBLA reserves the right to reject any team entry based on the lack talent and/or experience. In other words, if you and your friends who have never played lacrosse decide to form a team over a case of beer and you don’t know the difference between a lacrosse stick and a fishing net, the Philadelphia Box Lacrosse Association is not for you! Indoor Lacrosse can be a dangerous contact sport and even more so if do not know how to play. In addition, it’s not fun to be blown away every game or have your closest game end with the final score of 43 to 1.

Do you have a youth or high school division?

We currently do not have a youth or high school program but we are forming one.  The programs will be for residents of Philadelphia only.

What equipment do I need?

Most standard lax equipment will do the trick but here's a breakdown of what you need. Mens' Attack or Middie Stick (no long defensive sticks), lacrosse gloves, athletic cup, arm pads, shoulder pads, rib and back pads, and helmet with cage or other full face guard.(Lacrosse helmets or ice hockey helmets with full face guards are fine.) 

I want to play goalie. What equipment do I need? Where can I get box lacrosse leg guards?

So you want to be goalie, huh? Just keep in mind that box lacrosse is completely different from field lacrosse. Many hockey goalies find the transition to be more like hockey than field lacrosse.   We do have 2 sets of equipment you can use to try it out but you will need to purchase your own.

Here's the list of stuff you need:

  • lax goalie stick
  • indoor lacrosse goalie uppers (arm and chest protector)
  • indoor lacrosse goalie pants
  • ice hockey goalie cup
  • box lacrosse goalie gloves 
  • helmet with goalie cage and neck protector
  • box lacrosse goalie leg guards.

If you don't have any of this, expect to spend around $1800 for the right equipment. We recommend that you buy top of the line equipment to prevent serious injury.

Where to purchase Goalie Equipment:

How much does it cost?

Registration varies from year to year and will be posted at time of registration. The fee covers the cost of your jersey, rink fees, referee fees, administrative costs, game supplies, etc. ALL registrations must be done online. Currently, it is $185 a player if you are a member of US Lacrosse.  If not, you will be prompted to join.

How do I get on a team if I am new to the PBLA?

One-way is to sign with a team if you are asked before the season starts. During the pre-season scrimmages, some captains may be present looking for a replacement and, if you are good, he may ask you to play on his team. The second way is to be recruited from the list of unassigned players. Starting with 2001, teams can submit a roster with up to 22 players. Teams can have 23 players if they 23rd player is another goalie. If they need players to fill remaining slots, they may recruit you from the pool of unsigned players (with your permission).In the event you are not recruited, you will be given your money back. 

What are the requirements for entering a team?

Anyone wishing to enter a competitive box lacrosse team into the PBLA must submit a list of fourteen (14) experienced forwards and one goaltender by the designated deadline(usually early May). All submitted lacrosse players must have all fees paid and registration forms completed. New teams must submit a team logo and colors also by the deadline. In addition, one player must be designated as the team captain who will be held responsible for the team’s actions, PBLA team requirements, and all PBLA rulings.Failure to meet all of these requirements will result in the immediate nullification of the team entry request.

All team entries must be approved by the PBLA before participation. Since the PBLA is a very competitive league, we request that all team core entries be composed of experienced lacrosse players. The PBLA reserves the right to reject any team entry based on the lack talent and/or experience.

If you need an experienced goalie, contact us and we can help you find one. Many existing teams have more than one goalie and it is easy to find a good goalie in search of more playing time. We also have a league set of box lacrosse goalie equipment to lend. For more information, drop me a line at

When is the deadline for registering?

  • Team registrations: Applications AND money for all rostered players is due by early May. Check the home page for the latest deadlines. All team jerseys must be ordered at this time as well as the schedule must also be made in time for the season.

  • Individual Players: Individuals may register up the day before of the first game of the season. Check the home page for the latest deadlines. Remember, registration does not guarantee that will be selected to play. Roster space permitting, we may allow late registration with a late fee applied.

If I register and decide not to play, can I get a refund?

 Yes, provided you request your refund prior to the start of the season. Once rosters are set, no refunds will be given to anyone regardless of the reason. 

Can I come down and play one night just to try it without registering?

Yes, but only for the pre-season scrimmages. Once the regular season has started, you will have to watch the games like everyone else. 

How does Box Lacrosse differ from field lacrosse?

Where do I start on this one? Ok, here it goes.

Box Lacrosse

  • Played in hockey rink
  • 3 x 20 min. periods
  • 4ft x 4.5ft goals
  • 30 second shot clocks
  • No zones or offsides. Everyone is a forward

Field Lacrosse

  • Played on a large grass field
  • Usually 4 quarters
  • 6 x 6 goals
  • No or limited use of shock clocks.
  • Teams consist of attackmen, mid-fielders, and defense men.

For more differences and rule details, check out our Officials Rules.

Does the PBLA use the same rules as the National Lacrosse League?

The PBLA now uses rules for Box Lacrosse rules adopted by US Lacrosse.

Why does the PBLA not play in the Fall or Winter?

The facility we play at is not available in cold months because it used as an ice-rink. Also, games are also played only on Mondays and Wednesdays so as to not interfere with local field leagues that play on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

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Founded in 1986, The Philadelphia Box Lacrosse Association (PBLA) is known as the most organized indoor lacrosse league in the Philadelphia tri-state area. League action is from mid-May to the end of August. Dedicated to the growth and diversification of box lacrosse, we are the oldest and most continously running box lacrosse league in the United States.

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